I have taken some time to just focus on reflecting on how my life has changed in the last few years. It has been a rough road, but there have been so many events that show how blessed I am to still be alive, breathing, and living. I may not always get to read the blogs of my friends, but I do try when possible to fit in this enjoyable activity. I find it necessary to feed my soul with the inspiration others share in words, art, and compassion. I love to interact with the world around me. Some might find it a bit unusual, but I find it to be wonderful to connect with so many people. One smile can change the emotional state of others in ways we may or may not understand. I long to see a human population that is not afraid to look at others in the eye, say hi, share a smile, and realize we are only as lonely as we choose to be.

Many Blessings, Tracey