I so very much want to read every blog that has captured my curiosity. Sadly. I just cannot do everything I want to do. My health issues really can make it hard just to wake up and live. I am doing my best to find my way into freelancing. This also takes time away from the book that I am writing(ok… I just have detailed the characters) I am slowly putting the book together.

Financial issues keep me from doing what I want too. That is why I am so anxious. I want to make something of my life as I wish to find a way to turn upside right. I do not want this life of mine to waste away in the pain and exhaustion my EDS condition that has given me so many health issues. EDS is a condition with no cure, but treating each symptom based on what caused the pain. Twisting ankles, knees, and dislocating my fingers can result in a pity party in my bed with ice packs. I really hate it when the bones in my neck and back slip out of place. There is no way to describe the intense pain. I try not to be negative, but it is a heavy load to carry by myself. That is why I am writing these words today. I hurt and soon my pain meds will kick in and I won’t be able to be creative and productive because I will be in a medicine stupor.

I promise when I finally get off my pity pot I will dump it and move forward as far as I can until the next pain strikes me down. Even if I do not comment on everyone’s’ blogs. I do read them on my phone. They bring me a sense of belonging somewhere even if I am silent.

Thanks to all of you for being you! You help me more then you can even imagine.