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I have no idea, but I never seem to remember until after I complete a blog or website to place metadata and categories. I do not understand why I cannot recall such important information. I know and I do go back and enter the information… if I remember. I swear my mind is made of swiss cheese. The air pockets just keep my neurons bouncing off one another rather then relay the information where it is most needed.

It is as if I live as the straight man in the divine comedy. I do not mind most of the time, but when it affects my plans, my writing, my researching, my whatever I plan on doing… I become so frustrated that if I am not careful I can become self abusive. Calling myself names, and reminding myself of all my failures. It seems there is always that blind spot. I know it is there and I try not to get into that dark mood. Sometimes I just get side swiped and I am hearing all the horrible things that people said about me as a child. (Mostly my parents and family). I would not say to others the things I say to myself. I guess it is from growing up with constant verbal abuse. Imprinting is not just for ducks.

Parents and other leaders teaching our children need to remember that what they hear as a child will ring thru their minds when life gets tough when they are adults. We have to teach them to shield against such garbage. It is the most important thing for a child is to know safety and trust to grow, to make mistakes, and to learn. They do not deserve to have horrible things spinning in their heads when they struggle. Teach them how to get back up rather than wallow in the muck.