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I have been busy with family and trying to find a way to be ok with the fact my brother will never hug me again. He passed away on the 3rd. His body was found on the 6th. This is really bothering me since we do not yet know how he died. His body was so bad the detectives would not let us enter the house. It was set up as a crime scene. Totally floored me. The house is a biohazard even after his body was removed. I feel very empty and not as excited about writing.

I am still reading blogs for those of you who bring me humor, wisdom, and great advice. Thank-You all for warning me about windows 10. I was going to install it, but then I found out about my brother and chaos quickly took me away from my blog and the book I am working on.

Thanks Everyone for listening. I am not sure if I can survive the loss of so many friends and family. My parents and my brother and best friends.. I pray they found peace. ❤