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I am not sure where. I am not sure why. I do know somewhere I read that people using too many categories and tags are just out to gather attention to their blog/s. They might be true, but they have my intentions all wrong. That is focusing on the audience that would benefit from my weird wisdom is exactly what someone out there needs to read.

I have gone thru so many gates of hell that I fear little. Blame me for using too many categories. Blame me for too many tags. I do not concern myself with those seeking to cut down my tree of happiness. It’s bark is tough, rugged, and has survived more than you can imagine. I fought my demons, and my God is so much stronger than they expect.

I do the best I can to follow my heart because that is where the Angels leave messages from God that keep me moving forward. Trust me I can move backward too fast sometimes, but I do my best to turn myself around when my heart guides me.

My faith in teaching others happiness trumps those who have not been called to a ministry. Yes, I am a Reverend, but not one with a parish. I believe the ones that attend church are not the ones needing the help. I help those everyone else bypasses on their daily walk. My ministry is focused on them.

I created this blog to write about what I choose. If you think I am using too many tags or categories, then that is on you. I use them to benefit others to help them, and let them know they not alone in the struggles of life. It is my joy to help those that need it the most.

Thanks for reading… Until next time…