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I see there is a daily prompt going around about music. I don’t know how to ping back or ring a ding but I know music soothes my soul. I have no idea how to feel sometimes until the music is playing. I love music but the ear piercing bands do get played at a lower volume.

Music defined my role in a world that was very cruel. It was my comfort while locked in my room. I know most of the songs word for word. I even would make music by singing and dancing. I loved it. The soft tones of my mother’s guitar, John Denver, Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens, Don McLean. Those were the tones that helped me get past the various stages of my years from birth to present.

Elvis won my family’s interest. We had everyone of his songs, in 45’s or in Albums. I loved to dance and sing, but I had to be careful or the album would be scratched. Technology has been amazing. The world I knew is gone, and I like controlling what I listen too. I listen to whatever mood strikes. MP3 players are pretty awesome compared to the Walkman I never got.

I have seen bands like 3 Dog Knight to ZZ top. ZZ just rocked. It was the best concert I have ever attended. And the weirdest… Seen a girl reach down and pick up an ear plug and put it in her ear. Gross. The floor was sticky from all the beverages we could buy. Metallica, Kiss, ZZ, Bon Jovi, Def Leperad, Ozzy, and so many bands and songs I have heard from the metal arena. However, Metallica really surprised me. I seen them years ago at a state fair. That was a pretty great concert too! It felt like someone understood my pain the first time I heard the song in the video. Godsmack is another band that has surprised me. I could go on and on about metal, but I will spare you the gory details.

I love Celtic music. It fires up my blood like Night Wish and Sabaton. It can soothe and comfort with Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder. Some songs they sing makes my heart sing. The dancing I cannot do, but I love a good Celtic concert with all the traditional dances. The lullabies helped when I learned to take care of it myself.

Native flutes in all ranges and sizes soothe my soul. It is like having someone else in the world that understands. The drums pull my heart and soul and bring energy into my spiritual world. The rhythm and the rhyme changes based on the drummer. I cannot explain it because no one would believe it. It is a light in our souls that guides us based on our thoughts.

Sometimes I listen to the Rain at Rainy Moods. Especially when I am having a panic attack and need to rest. It is a battle I have with insomnia. It is a good way for me to cope. I try out various songs and sounds because technology has grown much farther then I thought possible.

Until the next time…