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Yeah. I said it. This corner of my world is about my story. It is a heavy burden I am blessed to bear. I am still a human who has to cope. It is live or dye as if tomorrow

I am mad. I am mad. I am sad the most. There are no replays in life. Choose well, and you might find your way out of hell.

Cozy bed, good book, and attempting to relax…….

Who am I kidding? I just cannot relax. Panic attacks are very real. They twist the chemistry of my biological systems. They rip me out of now, and throw me into a chaos of a pain of another time.

Flashbacks have kept me in a strange place of abuse, neglect, and beating. I rarely know when that is happening me. Now the migraine has burrowed in my brain again.

I promise to read more blogs when my eyes are more rested. The grief I have is like a deep well. The more I seek the more I find and the deeper areas when I have no idea who I am.

It might be best to walk away and let the spirits guide us on this journey.

I am going to sleep and dream of what tomorrow will bring.