Ok. So I have mentioned I have been in a deep depression. Medications are finally helping. Having all my teeth pulled helped too. I grind my teeth bad at night. I break the things dentists say will not break. I have cracked most of them, and the pain just was too much. I am feeling so much better. I should have gotten them out years ago. One cap was so gross under it no wonder my ear always hurt on that side.

Medications for depression, anxiety, ptds, and so much more can help, but finding the right balance is tricky. It has taken my doc a few years to finally get me to where I no longer wake up screaming. I could not have done it without my friends and family support. The love and light they share. Yet, I know they mean well, but sometimes I like to remember I am still a human.

It took a bird to help swing my medical and mental therapy into a direction that is working. Mr. Bird is pretty annoying at times. He is two years old and behaves like a two-year-old… WITH WINGS. Think for just a minute a two-year-old that can fly.

Let’s just say… I am not bored. He keeps me moving and gives me a reason to wake up. If I do not wake up he gets loud enough my kids will wake me up. He is loud, annoying, and amusing. His first week home he was getting curious about a food bowl that we had set up outside his cage. He fell in head first and wings and feet were flapping all over. He was not amused at the laughter my daughter and I got to share. He has brought a great deal of laughter in our home. The first day home I did not know he could fly as well as he does. We let him out of the box then I freaked out cause the ceiling fans were on. We have several fans to help keep us cool in the summer. He actually gets mad if I turn off some fans. He likes the “wind currents” is my best guess.

He has reminded me that trust needs to be earned. He trusts me and I trust him. He went from being untamed to where my daughter and I can handle him. He no longer hisses and bites me, and that is a good thing. He may only be a mini macaw, but his beak can still ratchet to snap and break seeds open and to just shred some wood for fun.

Here is a photo of Mr. Bird. He is a green cheeked conure that loves to watch bird videos with me. He even laughs when something is funny.


I will try to get more photos of my bundle of ornery joy. He is never still long enough to get real good photos. That is all I have to say for now. I will try to read some blogs, but this bird really is worse than a baby.