Work in Progress

I am re-thinking about how to display my talents. Everyday I think of new things that I forgot. When I type it into any programs that will hold my words because my eyes remember better then my ears recall. If I do forget, then I can read and remember.

Does the movie 50 Blind Dates ring a bell? I am not that bad, but I sure have some moments that only those that really love me can understand. I can even create new memories that can get lost. I learned some things from that movie about how to keep myself together. I do have a lost and found area that I am trying to keep track of everything. I think there are a few memory thieves from the PTSD gang hanging out.

My brain is more like a shattered puzzle that has been ate by a dog. Some pieces are ok, some are soggy, some are shredded, and some are just gone. I have no idea how many of those puzzle pieces I lost because I don’t remember them.

I can remember,  but I might ask… for the 10th time … “when did they build that building?”. This brings rolling eyes from my kids and/or a huge sigh… then “It has been there the last 10 times we drove past it!” After a while the information will stay located in my brain. No. We did not drive by it 10 times that day cause I was lost. I can usually find home after a few circle spinning. I can usually defend myself too. That is because the brainstem is intact. If threatened, I do fight before flight.

My kids have been helping me learn ways to improve my memory. They even got me the Improving Your Memory for Dummies. My daughter/son told me I bought it. Then I remember, but I do not remember… but I might remember. I might not. I really never know. That is really scarey you know. That is why I hang out with my brilliant children and my bright friends. They remind me when I forget.


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